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Saturday 22 March 2008


Braintree Town


Welling United


Quinton pen 41, 70 Cobbs 48
1 Nicky Morgan
2 Billy Burgess
3 Ian Cousins
4 Ryan Moran
5 Russell Edwards
6 Bradley Quinton
7 James Hawes
8 Adrian Deane
9 Richard Jolly
10 Lee Burns
11 Chris Sullivan
12 Garry Cross (6, 87 mins)
14 Steve Good
15 Chris Smith (9, 90 mins)
16 Micky Shinn (11, 83 mins)
17 Louis Riddle


Mr. D. Rook


Mr. D. Geary
Mr. M. McIntyre

1 Steve Williams
2 Michael Kamara
3 Robbie Ryan
4 Richard Carpenter
5 Chris Moore
6 Max Ellison-Hustwick
7 Ellis Green
8 Sonny Cobbs
9 Sam Gargan
10 Orlando Smith
11 Dan Nwanze
12 Calum Crawley
14 Leon Solomon
15 Joe Howe
16 Danny Phillips
17 Ellis Remy (11, 65 mins)

Welling United’s spring visit to Braintree Town was met with decidedly winter weather conditions, the match being played in sleet and icy winds.

The Irons started strongly and it required a spectacular goal line clearance from Robbie Ryan to stop the Essex ‘family club’ from taking an early lead. Whilst the Essex ‘family club’, who used to have foul-mouthed George Borg as manager, and whose main mode of defence is to kick anyone who is any good, enjoyed plenty of possession, Welling created some problems to the hosts.

Ellis Green caused the Iron’s particular difficulties down the right wing, and a crude tackle by former Welling left back Ian Cousins on Michael Kamara earned him the first yellow card of the afternoon. Brad Quinton should have followed him into the book for a cynical foul on Green a few minutes later but referee D. Rook felt a lengthy chat was sufficient. I guess the conversation went something like this:/p>

Rook: "That was an ugly challenge."
Quinton: "You will have to let me off because I am assistant manager to your friend, the cultural attaché to Essex, Lee Patterson."
Rook: "Well we had better make this look convincing. What shall we talk about?"
Quinton: "I take penalties and free kicks. Can you sort something out for me? We are a family club after all."
Rook: "Leave it with me, but try to make your fouls less obvious."
Quinton: "Thanks mate."

On the 39th minute, Max Ellison-Hustwick got himself in a mess and trying to recover, made a tackle in the penalty area. Whether it was a foul or not was irrelevant. The choice of making the tackle there was ill judged as it gave Rook the chance to reward Quinton.

Quinton’s penalty was struck hard; Stephen Williams almost made a flying save but couldn’t quite keep it out. I’m sure, however, that if he had done so, Rook would have found an excuse for it to be re-taken.

As the players left the field at half time, Rook and Patterson walked off together smiling and joking.

Welling United came out strongly in the second half and Sonny Cobbs equalised as the Braintree defence opened up in front of him allowing him the shot. It was a very similar goal to the one he notched at Bishop’s Stortford, a few weeks earlier.

Welling continued to pressurise, and another effort from Cobbs produced a stunning save from Nicky Morgan. Meanwhile, Quinton, with the referee safely on his side, continued to foul at every opportunity.

Andy Ford and Phil Handford could smell blood and decided to ‘go for the jugular’ and sent on Ellis Remy for Dan Nwanze.

Unfortunately, the gamble backfired as referee Rook again enraged the Welling United supporters with a bad decision. He waved play on for a 'foul' on a Braintree player and allowed the advantage to ensue. It was in a further ‘phase of play’ that possession was then lost, and Rook called everyone back for an Essex ‘family club’ free kick.

In fairness to the free-fouling Essex ‘family club’ assistant manager, his free kick was superb, curling round the wall and into the bottom corner.

The Wings then huffed and puffed but despite having the majority of play, were unable to get past male model Russ Edwards and pals to really test Morgan again, and the match finished in a disappointing defeat.

Danson Mark

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