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PVR High School for Boys
Deputy Heads: 
Mr. P. Parker
Mr. N. Gurney
Mr. B. Statham
Park View Road,
DA16 1SY


G. Knight A very quiet pupil who spent most of his time at the back of the classroom and didn’t seem to communicate well with the other boys. Capable of some very good lessons but mixed with some very bad ones as well. Was running out of friends in school but was popular in Hinckley, Worcester, Chippenham………….Glen eventually tried the headmaster’s patience once too often and was expelled to an East End school for rehabilitation.
G. Kelly Joined the class in the middle of term and has settled in nicely. Gavin organises his lessons properly and, even though he is often quiet during lessons, he shows up well when called upon. Not a permanent fixture at the school as yet but is well respected by the staff and other pupils.
B. Burgess One of the younger boys in class and perhaps struggling to repeat his efforts of last term when he was most definitely the star pupil. Started quietly but missed a number of lessons when assaulted by a University boy in September. Has started to settle back into the routine of late and is an important member of the school in both the short and longer term.
L. Watts Lewis has, without doubt, been the most improved boy in class this term. In fact he has even taken over as head boy recently when others have been absent. Has settled into being a consistent performer in nearly all his lessons to date. Seems to be offering a much better level of concentration in class this term and has cut out some of the extra-curricular activities of previous terms.
T. O’Shea Missed a great deal of lessons at the start of term and took a while to settle back into school life. Well respected by the Headmaster who made him head boy for a short while and also has the respect of his classmates. Sadly he was recently mugged during a visit to a West Country school and faces missing further lessons in the near future.
A. Henry Anthony, like of a lot of his classmates has had to miss a number of lessons this term but is now starting to find his feet after moving from a school near the Kent coast. He has shown his versatility in lessons and is just starting to establish himself within the school.
B. Statham Although he is also the Deputy Head, Brian likes to mix with the class as often as possible. However he was savagely attacked by a former pupil in the summer which delayed his return to the classroom for a while. He is now easing his way back into the hectic timetable but is inclined to chatter a lot during lessons.
T. McGowen Transferred to PVR High from a rough East End comprehensive during this term and soon adapted to school life. Was a very naughty boy on one occasion which earned him a lengthy detention and has now returned to his former school. Could return to PVR High again one day when everyone discovers how to spell his name properly.
D. Standen Seems to have developed a reputation as a problem child as three successive Headmasters have been unable to get the best out of him. Content to sit back and take a limited role in lessons and may have to move to another school to fulfil his potential. Still has fans within the rest of the school but is not that popular with the people who count.
A. Riviere Some people may have thought he was leaving before the start of term but he decided to stay at PVR High a while longer. Great things are expected of Anthony every term as he has always been near or at the top of the class in recent years. Lately he seems to have settled down in lessons and is returning to something like his former self after a quiet start to the term.
M. Fowler Michael was hailed by the Headmaster as one of the brightest pupils in the class but only shone in the pre-school period and not when the real lessons started. Did have to commute a long way to get to school and that may well have affected his performance in class. Has now seemingly returned to his roots.
T. Hambley Another new pupil this term, Timmy joined with a very good pedigree and was immediately installed by the Headmaster as the new Head Boy. Was just starting to find his feet when he was assaulted by some nasty French boys on a day trip to the coast. He has just returned to lessons and better things are expected from him next term.
S. Beard Simon joined from a rough school on the Kent coast and has struggled at times during lessons. He has a good background but needs to give a bit more in class than he is currently doing. Has also been told off for wearing some very silly footwear during school hours.
D. Slatter Daniel joined at the start of term from the same school as the new Headmaster and may have been viewed at first as something of a “teacher’s pet.” However he soon became a firm favourite with the rest of the school and has been a consistent performer in nearly all the lessons this term. However he has been in detention once and will have to control himself to avoid any repetitions.
A. Berkley Another boy to follow the Headmaster from his previous school. Settled into life at PVR quite well and has excelled in Drama lessons. He does seem to drift in and out of class at times and needs to communicate a bit more with his fellow pupils. And one other thing Austin……..get your hair cut lad!
D. Powell David is now one of the longest serving pupils at the school and always gives his best. Has flitted in and out of lessons but is well respected by the other boys in school. His lessons may be limited in the next few terms but he can be counted on to make a contribution as and when required.
P. Collins Philip has missed a great number of lessons so far this term and one hopes he can now settle into school. He needs to integrate himself in the classroom and when he does I’m sure we can expect some good results from him. Doesn’t seem to be popular with a lot of other schools but could become a firm favourite with all those at PVR High providing he doesn’t miss too many more lessons.
P. Booth Paul has had a thankless task this term often sitting at the front of class on his own with very little assistance from his classmates. However he has stuck to his task manfully and has made a big contribution in all the lessons to date and has been one of the star performers along with Lewis and Daniel. If he can get more help from his classmates in the rest of the school year we can expect even better results from him.

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