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PVR High School for Boys
Deputy Heads: 
Mr. P. Parker
Mr. N. Gurney
Mr. B. Statham
Park View Road,
DA16 1SY


G. Kelly Gavin settled into school life very well after his arrival last term. He was popular amongst the pupils and he did well in nearly all his lessons. It was very disappointing when he left the class before the end of term but a place at university was just too good to turn down. I’m sure the whole school would welcome him back with open arms if he ever decides to return.
D. Naisbitt Danny arrived before the end of term after trying a number of different schools in recent times without really settling. He performed reasonably well in class but is prone to the odd bout of temper that may prove a problem in the years ahead. He will probably return to (one of) his old schools next term.
B. Burgess After a spectacular time the year before young Billy found it hard to keep up those performances this school year and he has often been overlooked in recent lessons. He had a falling out with the headmaster and that problem doesn’t seem to have been resolved. Billy still has a lot to offer but has decided to move East and join up with an old school mate where he may develop further.
L. Watts Lewis continued his good performances in class until some nasty Welsh boy cruelly interrupted his lessons at the end of March He was sorely missed by his classmates at the end of term. Still his efforts were not forgotten and he was voted star pupil by the whole school at the end of term. Lewis has also agreed to stay on at school for a further two years which should be of benefit to everyone providing he keeps his concentration levels up.
A. Henry Anthony did a good job earlier in the term as he was studying a subject that was somewhat foreign to him. He returned to his normal studies later in the term but was unable in many cases to stamp his authority on certain lessons. The jury is still out on him and it will be up to the headmaster what happens next.
B. Statham After missing the start of term after a fracas with an ex pupil, Brian was looking good earlier in the term but his lessons have been more inconsistent recently. He has had to take over the role of head boy recently and that, combined with the duties of deputy head, may mean that he is juggling too many jobs at one time.
D. McSweeney David was introduced to PVR on secondment from an Essex school and acquitted himself fairly well at the end of term in place of Lewis. He certainly got stuck into his lessons and left his mark in more ways than one. Has now returned to his previous school and unlikely to be seen at PVR again.
I. Cousins A welcome return to the classroom for young Ian after he hurt himself seriously right at the beginning of term and it looked like school may be over for him. It took him a little while to get back into the swing of lessons but he shows potential and could be an asset to the school if he isn’t forced to miss too many more lessons.
A. Riviere After a quiet start to the year Anthony has really blossomed this term and made a significant contribution in most lessons. Had he started the school year in that vein he would have been a real contender with Lewis for star pupil. The rest of the school have always known the ability that he possesses and he has shown that more and more during the term. He was a big asset to PVR School but, rather surprisingly, has opted to join a South London school where the lessons ought to be much easier but probably a lot rougher. Still he may have more money to spend in the tuck shop……….
D. Slatter Daniel has really gone the opposite way to young Anthony. After a bright start to his time at PVR he has gone off the boil a little in lessons and has still to curb his temperament, which forced him into more than one detention. He has always appeared to be a favourite of the headmaster who will expect a bigger contribution from him next term. It is possible that Daniel may be asked to play a different role in some lessons next term.
J. Strouts Jimmy came to PVR after distinguished service at other schools around Kent. He has always got his head down in class and shown 100% commitment in all his lessons. Has become a valuable part of the school in recent months and it will be interesting to see if the headmaster thinks he should continue his education at PVR next term.
T. Hambley Timmy had a long spell recuperating at a smaller school on the Kent coast before returning towards the end of term. His star was in the ascendancy at the start of this school with big things expected. However, after his confrontation with the French students he hasn’t lived up to the expectations of the headmaster or the rest of the school.
K. Dyer Kenneth was the senior pupil at PVR this term having joined from Chatham via a French school. Like Jimmy he has shown true commitment in all his lessons and made a useful contribution as and when required. It is unlikely that he will stay at PVR for more studies but his efforts were appreciated.
A. Berkley Austin has continued to excel in drama lessons although his contributions in other lessons were more inconsistent. He did miss a few lessons towards the end of term but always offered something different in class. The Headmaster rates him highly and, like Daniel, will probably expect more from Austin next term if he decides to stay at PVR.
P. Collins Philip has had a much-improved term after missing a lot of lessons early on. His attendance record has still not been 100% and he does drift in and out of some lessons but he is a valuable member of the class who all seem to achieve better results with Philip around them. It is essential that he stays healthy before the start of next term, as he will be an integral part of the class.
P. Booth Paul continued to excel at the start of term and finally got some more help from his classmates after being stuck on his own in many lessons. He is another who is committed himself to PVR in the immediate future and provided he gets himself healthy during the holidays, he should continue to be a major asset to the school.
T. Tyne Tommy joined the school after a spell at a French school where he was highly thought of. He took a while to settle in his new environment and only participated sporadically in early lessons. However he started to show his worth later in the term. The Headmaster must have been suitably impressed as he has asked Tommy to stay on at PVR for a further two years.

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