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Thursday 26 November

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Caption Competition

A big clear out at WIE Towers discovered a previously unknown quantity of our grammatically incorrect mugs and so to celebrate we thought we'd give some away.

Looking back through the archives we noticed this photograph of former Wing Danny "Fat Wallet" Chapman in action for Dover at PVR towards the end of last season.

We all know what the letters on Danny's sizeable arse actually stand for but for your chance to win a mug, caption one.

WIE's very own White Socks will start you off with:

  • Diets aren't for Chapman
  • Danny ate fifteen cheeseburgers

E-mail us your answers to wie@amp; but be original, there's no prize for "Danny's a f****** c***". All entries the WIE judging panel deems funny enough will be rewarded with a mug. Closing date is when we feel like it though probably sometime around August 14th.