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Caption Competition Winners

A couple of weeks ago WIE set a competition for ideas as to what the letters DAFC on Danny Chapman's arse could stand for.

Entries have now closed for the caption competition and as expected most followed a financial theme. The WIE jury has rather generously decided all of the following win one of our grammatically incorrect mugs.

  • Chris Dixon for Danny's arse floss chafe
  • Mark Doig for Danny's arse fills chair
  • Mark Fenton for Dangerous animal - follow carefully
  • Stewart Medhurst for Does anything for cash
  • Mike Reed for Dead against fitness coach
  • Mark Shuttleworth for Danny ate French chips
  • Alan Sinclair for Danny's all for cash

And our favourite:

  • Rowan Watt for Don't ask for change

All winners have been notified by e-mail. WIE thanks you all for your entries.