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Thursday 26 November

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Not So Much ER as PVR

Glen Knight
Might have a slight eye problem as he seems to kick the ball repeatedly at the smallest Welling forward on the pitch. No knocks that we are aware of but if he tries to dribble round forwards like he did against Moor Green his manager might do him an injury!

Billy Burgess
Was doing fine until someone uttered the dreaded words "You're playing centre back tonight" at Cambridge and that was the end of him. Could be back for the Hinckley game?

Tim O’Shea
Played only a late part in pre-season due to injury and despite appearing in the first three games has been struggling ever since. Rumours in the camp suggesting that it is arthritis due to old age may be wide of the mark!

Anthony Henry
Another centre back who has been in and out of the side due to injury. Suffered a major injury at Folkestone and was starting to look the part when struck down again. Along with O'Shea he managed to keep the Dover forwards out in the second half last night.

Jamie Harnwell
Only appeared against Moor Green at the weekend and has now (apparently) turned an ankle. No truth in the rumour that he couldn't play last night as it clashed with Home and Away and Neighbours, but any Flying Doctors he knows would come in handy.

John Farley
For a long time Welling decided not to play with that well known species "a left back". Having dispensed with that tradition this season we have now lost two, Charley and Cousins, in the space of three games. Watch out Tom McGowan!

Lew Watts
The latest defender to add his name to the ever growing casualty list. Lew has been probably our most consistent performer this season and let us hope it is not serious (I never thought I would write that last sentence).

Brian Statham
An early season casualty thanks to that delightful character Dazzlin' Darren. Brian can play all along the back four which is probably why he got injured first. Apparently out of plaster soon so could be back next month.

Anthony Riviere
Forced off in the second half at Dover last night with a toe injury. WIE suggests that they might want to check that his ankle is alright as well.

Timmy Hambley
Now the captain has done the decent thing and come out in sympathy with the majority of his team-mates. Also suffered from the "You're playing centre back tonight" syndrome which had already claimed a victim in Billy Burgess.

Phil Collins
Lasted precisely twelve minutes of pre-season and has played approximately an hour and a half since. Would be a big asset (if and when fully fit) and could perhaps nobble some defenders in other DMPL teams!

Paul Parker
No injury worries that WIE are aware of apart from one ******* great headache after the latest casualties were added to the list last night!

So the message for the above players from WIE is get well soon lads. And the message to Messrs McGowan, Slatter, Berkley, Fowler, Standen, Powell, Booth, Innocent and Ventor is to stay in bed until it is time to get the coach to Hinckley on Saturday!

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