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Friday 27 November

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Runners and Riders
10th August
It's that time of year again when WIE gets out her crystal ball and looks at the forthcoming season and predicts who will be where come the end of April 2007. [More]
A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way
3rd November
With the huge cup game with Huddersfield looming large on the horizon, Welling boss Adrian Pennock wanted his players to concentrate solely on the league match away to Maidenhead. With so little time to prepare for the cup-tie, Adrian sent two trusted scouts to the Galpharm Stadium. [More]
Football Genius
The Model Semi-Professional
2nd October
What do players do once they leave PVR? WIE takes a look in the first of an occasional series. [More]
Russell Edwards
Runners and Riders
9th August
WIE's chief pundit, White Socks, dusts off his crystal ball (fnar, fnar - Ed) and looks at the runners and riders for the coming campaign. [More]
Crystal Ball
Pizza de la Resistance
24th July
There were no correct answers to the pizza name poser set in the recent article about WIE's trip to Budapest. [More]
Fradi Kruger
14th June
A few weeks ago WIE took a short break in Budapest and managed to squeeze in the Hungarian League's title decider. [More]
Hungarian F.A.
Should They Stay Or Should They Go?
24th May
WIE's chief pundit, White Socks, takes on the role denied him by the Hobbins brothers and casts his managerial eye over the squad, each time deciding whether the player should stay or go. [More]
32 Goals Against the Run of Play
20th October
Whilst the great minds of Welling were mulling over the latest WPC Quiz Night, deep in the heart of Essex three men met to discuss the immediate future for Welling United before the vital league match the following day against Grays Athletic. Manager Paul Parker was joined by his assistant, Nigel Gurney and amateur football analyst, Mr W. Socks. [More]
Paul Parker
True Blues
8th September
Tense, nervous headaches? Sleepless nights? Anxiety attacks? You support a shit football team. [More]
The Gloves are Off ... ...
2nd September
I have waited six games into the season for this; I was hopeful it would be a nice positive piece after a steady start to the campaign but alas not. I missed the Newport and Basingstoke games so can't really pass comment on those particular disasters but, anyway, here are the opinions of the Socks jury. [More]
A New Identity?
23rd August
A club's badge is an emotive subject as the best of times. For most club officials and supporters alike it is an integral part of each club's identity and to which any misuse or degradation would be rightly be seen as sacrilege. [More]
Caption Competition Winners
16th August
Good evening, Welling. Here are the results of the WIE jury. [More]
Runners and Riders
12th August
White Socks looks into his c(h)rystal ball ( Crystal Palace FC) and makes his predictions for the first season of Conference South. [More]
Crystal Ball
Caption Competition
3rd August
A big clear out at WIE Towers discovered a previously forgotten quantity of our grammatically incorrect mugs and so to celebrate we thought we'd give some away. [More]
The England Thick Tank
22nd June
Deep in the bowels of the Estadio de Luz, the current England manager is joined by the two previous incumbents in the post and his current skipper to plot the downfall of the host nation in the quarter-final of Euro 2004. [More]
School Report 2004
13th June
White Socks casts his eye over the playing squad. [More]
The Feast of Steven
22nd April
WIE has received an advanced preview of some of the television highlights we can expect to see on Boxing Day 2004. [More]
Mystic Socks
15th April
Once again our beloved Wings are determined to make life as difficult for themselves as possible in crossing the finishing line for a place in Conference South for season 2004/5. Therefore WIE has decided to look into its crystal ball at this weekend's DMPL fixtures in detail to see what lies ahead... [More]
Crystal Ball
Life Begins at 40
4th April
As some of you may have read in Non-League Paper, Paul Parker celebrated his 40th birthday today. WIE became aware of the significance of this date some time ago, coincidentally about the same time that a collection of old QPR programmes dropped into our laps. What better invitation could there be for WIE to take a look back at Paul's career(s). [More]
Paul Parker
Out in the Cold
3rd March
For the second time this season I planned a long weekend holiday to coincide with a Wings away match, only to see the match called off due to adverse weather - first at Worcester the weekend before Christmas, and now at Merthyr last weekend. [More]
End of Term
22nd December
There was a break-in at PVR High last night and WIE stumbled upon some discarded paperwork, which turned out to be the end of term school report. [More]
WIE Express
5th October
WIE featured in an article about Steve Finnan in Saturday's Daily Express. [More]
Not so Much ER as PVR
10th September
WIE takes an in depth look at the current injury crisis sweeping through PVR. [More]
Season Preview
14th August
With the big kick-off fast approaching, WIE takes a look at how the most important season in years at this level will pan out. [More]
Crystal Ball
Beaten by a Nose
15th May
Paul Parker may have been appointed as manager of the club yesterday, but WIE can reveal that he was pushed all the way by somebody applying for the job for the second time. [More]
Never Go Back
9th May
It's the week after the season before and usually a time for knee-jerk reactions. However the following is a situation that I've not been happy with for a while and now, with the retirement of Bill Williams, there is the opportunity for the club to do something about it. [More]
The Bigger Picture
17th February
I have to say that I was more than a little disappointed with some of the reactions to Gary Abbott's recent arrival back at the club. [More]
The Holy Grail
12th January
Following the postponement of the game at Grantham, WIE's tale of the search for the holy grail - a game of football. [More]
The King of PVR
12th December
Abbo may have gone, Elvis is dead, but WIE maintains there's only ever been one King of PVR. [More]
The Three Wise Men
19th November
With the festive season fast approaching, WIE has a tip - beware the three wise men. [More]
Pride in the Name of Welling
11th November
In the first online article in WIE's history, the Editor takes a look at the state of affairs at PVR. [More]
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